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I always said I was going to write a novel, but for many years, I never got round to it. There was always something else to do. This year, I managed to actually do it, and while I can't say that I've picked up a huge book contract, I'm still pretty proud of the book I wrote so I'm self-publishing it and selling it to bookstores myself. It's a steep learning curve to work out how to get my book printed and working out all of the details of how the physical book will look. This website is a glimpse into the physical side of printing up your own self-published books for other new authors.


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Self publishing a novel

The 3 Graphic Design Ingredients That Will Make Your Print Products Stand Out

by Lourdes Ramos

When you need print products for your business or event, the process starts at the graphic design stage. This is where all the aspects of your printing needs are assessed, from the fonts to be used to the very shade of colors to be applied. Whatever is created at this stage is what ends up on paper as the final product.

So what should a good graphic design entail? What should be incorporated at this stage to make your print products meet your needs?


The most important part of any print material is the information it carries. In today's digital printing age, it's easy for the information to get lost in the presentation. Whether it's a packaging design, a business card, a calendar, a brochure or promotional material, your print products must carry relevant information. Once your target customers get past the presentation of your print products, it's the information in it that will determine if your investment has achieved its objective. The information should also be well articulated in an easy to read and easy to find manner.

Brand Identity

The other thing you have to consider when having print products designed is brand identity. Brand identity refers to how well your products reflect on your business. Successful print products should showcase the true nature of your business, its caliber, its objectives and its stature. This way, your print products will attract the right audience and promote your business at the same time.

There are several ways to ensure your print material bears your brand identity. The most important is the colors. Applying your corporate colors will easily help identify the print material with your business. Another brand design you should incorporate is the logo. A logo clearly signals to the audience who the product belongs to.


Last but not least, there's presentation. After incorporating the right information and enough brand identity into your prints, graphic design should ensure that your material is well wrapped up in a presentable way. This entails using the right colors, fonts, font sizes, spacing, numbering and even margins spaces. When all this is put together, it should be touched off with the right finish which can either be glossy, matte or satin.

A good presentation ensures that your final print product is attractive to look at. It also ensures that the information is easy to understand and remember. The final outlook of your print products should not just be attractive; it should be impressive as well.

The graphic design stage can be said to be the 'meat' of the printing process. If the three considerations above are effected well, your end-product will serve its true purpose. Of course, a high quality print process is also needed to ensure that whatever is designed ends up on paper in the same quality standards.