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I always said I was going to write a novel, but for many years, I never got round to it. There was always something else to do. This year, I managed to actually do it, and while I can't say that I've picked up a huge book contract, I'm still pretty proud of the book I wrote so I'm self-publishing it and selling it to bookstores myself. It's a steep learning curve to work out how to get my book printed and working out all of the details of how the physical book will look. This website is a glimpse into the physical side of printing up your own self-published books for other new authors.


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Self publishing a novel

Key Details to Note About Safety Signs

by Lourdes Ramos

Most businesses will be required to install safety signs as they are an important addition to help protect the employees. An important thing to keep in mind is that the installation of safety signs requires a specific process. There are key aspects you need to consider, which you will learn here:


There are regulations that govern the use of safety signs. If there is a risk that threatens the safety and health of employees in a business, an employer is required to correctly install a safety sign and also make sure it is well maintained.

Sign Installation

You might not be aware, but there is a particular way that each sign should be installed. This is why it is important to hire a professional sign printing and installation company. The company will not only guarantee that the signs are printed the correct way and to last a long time, but they will be installed correctly as per the guidelines and regulations.

Types of Safety Signs

A safety sign can take the form of a signboard, acoustic signal, colour, illuminated sign or even verbal communication. Signboards will usually comprise of a combination of shapes, symbols and colours. They must be visible under almost all light, and some may be accompanied by some form of supplementary text. The most common is the fire exit supplementary text. Signboards can also be grouped into various categories. You can have prohibiting signs, warning signs, mandatory signs and exit signs.

Understanding and Interpreting Signs

Before work begins, an employer should make sure that all employees can read and understand the safety signs. It is, therefore, crucial to take some time and educate the employees on the meaning of the signs. Also, in the case of exit or emergency exit signs, all employees should be notified of what to do or where to assemble when there is an emergency, which can be a fire.


As you read above, employers are expected to have all the safety signs well maintained. What does this entail? Cleaning is the first step. Clean signs will show their colour clearly, and everyone will be able to read the supplementary text. Wiring is the other maintenance step. If the safety sign is illuminated or verbal, make sure the wiring or equipment is not faulty to ensure the light stays on. Inspection for damage or loose signs is the third step. In some cases, signs may get loose and fall off. Other signs may get damaged over time. These should be replaced or repaired.

With this information in mind, you will be able to put up signs correctly and guarantee the safety of your employees.