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Self publishing a novel

I always said I was going to write a novel, but for many years, I never got round to it. There was always something else to do. This year, I managed to actually do it, and while I can't say that I've picked up a huge book contract, I'm still pretty proud of the book I wrote so I'm self-publishing it and selling it to bookstores myself. It's a steep learning curve to work out how to get my book printed and working out all of the details of how the physical book will look. This website is a glimpse into the physical side of printing up your own self-published books for other new authors.


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Self publishing a novel


Three Reasons Why Internal Reprographics Teams Fail: Advice For Business Managers

Large Australian businesses will often decide to invest in an internal reprographics team to manage the company's printing requirements. These teams often become a centre of excellence that can help cut production times and save money, but this type of internal function can also become a costly failure. Here are three reasons why. Excessive bureaucracy To manage costs, some businesses impose bureaucracy and processes that teams and managers must follow if they want the reprographics team to give them what they need.

Print and Protect: How to Care For Your Laser Jet Printer

Printers are often vital and expensive bits of equipment. To get the most out of your printer, you need to take care of it properly. By following the tips below you can help to extend the life of your printer and keep the print quality high. Avoid Moisture Making sure your printer is not exposed to moisture. If a laser jet printer is exposed to high levels of humidity, the paper can absorb moisture which is boiled as the ink is applied, causing the paper to wrinkle as it passes through the printer.